Tarangire Means ‘river of warthogs’ in the local Maasai language. Famous for its tree-climbing pythons, Tarangire National Park is also known as a popular spot for birdwatchers on a Tanzania vacation. More than 550 species have been recorded in the park and the swamps host the largest selection of breeding birds in the world. Walking safaris are one of the best ways to experience Tarangire as they allow visitors to get close to the wildlife without disrupting it.


What is in the name

Tarangire Means ‘river of warthogs’ in the local Maasai language.

It is most popular for its large elephant herds, baobab trees and mini-wildlife migration that takes place during the dry season which sees about 250,000 animals enter the park


Elephant Population

With Highest Number

The park has reportedly the largest concentration of elephants in the world.

During the dry season. you might see large elephant herds of about 300 or so per herd digging the dry riverbed of Tarangire River in search for underground streams of water.

A national park in Tanzania’s Manyara Region.

The name of the park originates from the Tarangire River that crosses the park.

African Pythons: the park is also known for the tree climbing African pythons.

Park Size:

Ranked as the 6th largest National Park in Tanzania covering an area of 1,100 sq miles.

Facts about Tarangire

Animal Migration

Between June and October which is the dry season, most of the Tarangire Region becomes completely dry with just a few water sources. Large herds of animals move into the park because of water from the Tarangire River.

Bird Watching:

The park offers Tanzania’s best birding destination with over 550 different bird species.

Some of the popular bird species found here include: the crested francolins, hoopoes, yellow necked spurfow, hornbills, guinea fowl, steppe eagles, brown parrots, the gigantic lappet-faced vulture, white-bellied go away bird, bateleur eagles, mousebirds, Kori bustards, yellow-collared lovebirds, bee-eaters, lilac breasted rollers, swifts, hammerkops, striped swallows and starlings.


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